Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chase Field

Many people especially here in Arizona know who the Arizona Diamondbacks are and where they play. The Chase Field is one of the most unique baseball stadiums and most recognizable landmarks here in the United States, because of its amazing technological aspects and its retractable roof that’s able to open and close depending of the weather. Like anything else, Chase Field has history, bet further yet the land in which it stands on has interesting history that isn’t thought much about or isn’t known of. Back in the 1800s the land where Chase Field stands on today used to be a for-site of a Chinatown and it remained so for many years. Back in the nineteenth century Chinese immigrants were a big problem to society of other ethnic groups, and a lot of prejudice and racism developed against Chinese immigrants. Rhonda Tintle (2004) mentioned that in “1882 America passed a federal act excluding Chinese immigrants and remained in effect from 1882 until 1943”. Even though the year 1943 was a while ago, it still seems like all of this was still going on fairly recently and that a Chinatown was still present exactly where Chase Field is at today. Years passed by and slowly Chinatown started depolarizing and started becoming more popularized, with construction taking place and other cultures and ethnic groups coming along as well. Located on Jefferson Street, it is also bounded by Seventh Street, Fourth Street and now also railroad tracks. Bank One ballpark which is now Chase Field was built in 1898, with the purpose of it being the biggest baseball stadiums and attraction site in Arizona. It was designed by Ellerbe Becket and is currently owned by Maricopa County. Sara Gilbert (2007), did mention that “The mission of the Maricopa County Stadium District is to provide fiscal resources and asset management for the community and visitors to Maricopa County so they can attend Major League Baseball games and other entertainment events in state-of-the-art, well-maintained facilities”. “The stadiums name was changed to Chase Field from the previous bank one ballpark after the merger between Chase and Bank One”. With Chase Field being one of the most unique baseball stadiums like stated before, many people profit from it and from its use during baseball season with Diamondback games going on and also at times throughout the year with other events that take place in the stadium other than baseball. Richard B. Chase (1999), states that “The state of Arizona of course also profits from Chase Field and its use year round”. With events taking place in this stadium a lot of money definitely comes in, in which becomes a government issue when it comes to all of the money coming in. The chase field not only benefits Arizona economically, but it also benefits it by making it a state with a unique aspect, by having an amazing baseball stadium like Chase Field and making Arizona more familiarized within other states.

- Valeria Espinoza and Evelyn Ruiz

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