Friday, April 29, 2011

Wells Fargo Tower

Wells Fargo Tower, April 2011 (photo by Art Collazo and Tuesday Marquez)
Washington and 1st Avenue, Phoenix

Wells Fargo Tower is located in down town Phoenix at Washington and 1st Avenue. It is the host of many events. Some of which are welcome and some which are less welcome. Many protests and gatherings come together here so that people can be heard and they can have a voice. This is a strategic location they have chosen because it is the location at which Sheriff Joe Arpaio resides when he is at his office. There have been countless protests outside of this office building due to Sheriff Arpaio allegedly racially profiling on many accounts. Although he has never been brought in on charges I feel that the public’s voice on this matter speaks for itself. There is even a Facebook page dedicated to protesting Arpaio at Wells Fargo Tower. On this page people are free to post times and locations of events like this and blog/voice their opinion on Sheriff Joe.
But if that was not enough, due to all the negative ridicule that Sheriff Arpaio receives from the public of Arizona, he may be leaving his office location at the tower because of the negativity it brings their business. He has been at this location for over ten years now, starting there in 1998. “But I certainly hope that Wells Fargo management isn't responding to the pressure asserted by these protestors by asking me to leave...” stated Mr. Arpaio in response to what is going on.
- Tuesday Marquez and Art Collazo


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